Hair Care

Shampoo Plus with Conditioners
Specially recommended for the delicate color treated, 100% human hair used in hair systems. Also excellent for your own hair. Protein enriched. Conditions while cleaning. Adds body and shine. Leaves hair natural looking, soft and manageable. Concentrated for economy.

Condition Plus
After wash conditioning rinse. Especially recommended for all types of synthetic fiber and human hair used in hair systems. Makes fiber soft and manageable, especially at the root of the base where conditioning is most important - and where the spray on type conditioner does not reach. Retards fiber breakage at the root of the base. Inhibits static build-up and fly away fiber.

Fiber Soft spray in conditioner for aesthetic hair
A daily use spray that softens, eliminates dryness and frizz, and makes synthetic fiber feel as soft as human hair. FiberSoft helps maintain curl and body and offers maximum color guard protection.

Long Life protein leave in conditioner
A fantastic product that works to detangle, stop matting, and prevent crawling of human hair in both men's and women's hair replacement systems. Just spray it in - no rinsing necessary. Seeing is believing, but you still won't believe it. Amazing!

Cold Water Wash. Cleaner for aesthetic hair
New more concentrated formula. Especially recommended for all types of synthetic fiber used in hair systems. Leaves fiber soft and manageable. Inhibits fly away static build-up in fiber. Cleans thoroughly and safely. Concentrated for economy

Soft Hold holding spray
Especially recommended for human hair and synthetic fiber hair systems. Contains UV-light absorber to retard fading. Controls and leaves hair manageable. Soft holding power. Non-greasy, non sticky. Miracle silicone adds luster. Economy - over twice the ingredients of an equal size aerosol. Can be used over and over again with no flaking.

Styling Steamer
This steamer is absolutely essential for styling synthetic hair. The NOVA special Steamer has unique 3 1/2" styling wand that allows you easy access into hard-to-reach tight spots, such as inside individual curlers and between small curling rods. Giving you precise control where the steam is going. The steamer is light weight and easy to hold. It is the only steamer we would recommend for using on synthetic hair. After all . . . it's the same one we use. Don't settle for something less than exceptional. Order a styling steamer today. ITEM 601

Anti-Static Saturn Hair Brush
This Nova brush is a Nova essential for brushing and styling natural and synthetic hair. The Nova Tech anti-static Saturn Hair Brush is designed to gently massage your scalp and hair systems without causing static and without pulling at knots on the base or tangles in the hair. Help your customers welcome back an old friend.

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